Google developing AI that can write the news


To a certain extent, AI can be used to come up with ideas for articles and even write them. But seeing as it isn’t always perfect or 100% factual, users still need to do a bit of editing every now and then.

But that could change in the future because if a recent report from The New York Times is accurate, Google is apparently developing a new AI that can write news stories, like the one that you’re reading right now.

The report claims that Google has pitched this tool to news organizations such as The New York Times themselves, Washington Post, and News Corp, just to name a few. All this AI would require is for users to feed it with the details and it will come up with an article by itself, meaning that users won’t actually have to do the writing.

It is unclear if this AI will be a new AI separate from Bard, or if it will be an extension of Bard aimed at writing journalism articles. While there is no doubt some people, such as ourselves, might be concerned that these types of AI tools could one day cost us our jobs, there are some benefits of this as well.

For example, the content that the AI generates could simply act as a template that journalists could further edit to make it sound more like them. It could also be useful in a pinch where there are time sensitive topics and inputting the bullet points will generate a full article that’s ready to go instantly.

Google hasn’t publicly confirmed or revealed this new AI yet, but it might be something to keep an eye out for in the future.

Source: Mashable

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