You can Now Seamlessly Share Files Between Android and Windows


A few months back, Google announced that it was expanding its “Nearby Share” file transfer method to include compatibility with Windows devices, allowing users to transfer files between their Android phones and PC. The company has since followed-up on the feature, which has been officially launched for users worldwide.

Nearby Share for Windows is now downloadable for PCs, and Google says that it offers improved performance as well as new functionality for easier content sharing. Google has also included new features, which add a bit more functionality to the app.

For one, users can now view the estimated time for file transfers completion, which gives a better countdown as to how long large files and folders will be transferred. to be completed. There’s also a new image preview included in device notifications to help make sure you’re sending the right file.

Nearby Share was originally introduced to Android devices a few years back, finally giving Android users an alternative to dodgy third-party file transfer apps on their devices. It also works similarly to Apple’s “AirDrop” feature on its computers and smart devices.

Google adds that it has teamed up with several device manufacturers such as HP, which brings the app to more devices like the HP Dragonfly Pro. Users can now download the Nearby Share for Windows app using this link.

Source: Google

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