The Samsung Galaxy Ring could still be in active development


In the wearables market, most manufacturers focus on devices like smartwatches. This is because wearing a watch is a common accessory for most people, so to get people to hop on board the smartwatch bandwagon is easier than convincing people to start wearing headsets out in public.

That being said, we did hear a rumor a while ago that Samsung is apparently developing a new wearable in the form of a ring. We haven’t really heard much about it since, but if a recent report from South Korean publication The Elec is accurate, Samsung has not shelved it and are actually still developing it.

The report claims that Samsung has apparently secured a manufacturer for the PCB of the device from a Japanese company called Meiko, who coincidentally enough is also the company responsible for producing HDI PCBs used in the Samsung Galaxy S23 series. It is unclear how far along development is, but the report suggests that it is proving to be a challenge due to its size and space constraints.

More evidence that suggests that the device could be in development came from earlier this year when a trademark for the “Galaxy Ring” was filed. Of course, it is possible that Samsung could still end up killing the project, but for now it appears to be alive and well. If Samsung does launch the device, they will be in direct competition with the likes of Oura.

Either way, take it with a grain of salt and maybe don’t get your hopes up at seeing it launch anytime soon.

Source: SamMobile

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