Gmail users can now more conveniently schedule meetings


Google has a bunch of different services that users generally need to visit different websites for, but if you’re someone who relies heavily on Gmail and Google Calendar, then this latest update is for you.

Google has announced that they are now rolling out a new feature that will allow Gmail users to quickly and conveniently schedule a meeting directly within Gmail itself. This means that instead of having to open a new browser window or tab with Google Calendar, you can now schedule meetings without having to leave Gmail.

“We’re adding a feature into Gmail that helps you find convenient 1:1 meeting times with others much quicker. This is especially useful when scheduling time with customers, partners or people in your organization whose Google Calendars are not visible to you. While composing an email, you will see a new Calendar icon with all Calendar-related actions consolidated and easily discoverable.”

This feature isn’t a new feature per se. Google had actually introduced it back in 2021 but at that time, it was only available to Workspace Individual subscribers. Google then made it available for more Workspace accounts, but now it looks like it will be available for all Gmail users.

The update is being rolled out as we speak, so you should eventually see the changes over the course of the next few weeks.

Source: Google

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