Samsung Might Add Health Sensors to its Foldables Soon


While Samsung is no stranger to combining smartphones and fitness-tracking hardware, going so far as to put a heart-rate sensor on the Galaxy S9 series phones, the South Korean electronics giant has yet to develop something similar for its foldable handsets. Interestingly enough, this might all change soon, at least according to some design patents.

A patent uncovered by tech site Pigtou and @xleaks7 shows that Samsung might be working on introducing health and biometric sensors on future foldable devices. A diagram shows what appears to be a Galaxy Z Flip model, which displays data for blood pressure and vascular age tracking, as well as arterial stiffness and other metrics.

Measurement will be done via a CMOS sensor, which will be secured via an in-display placement within the foldable’s inner screen. Results will then be displayed via the phone’s external cover (as pictured above).

Other manufacturers have tried similar concepts with their smartphone hardware – for example, Google allowed users to track their heart rate using their Pixel 6’s camera, by placing their fingertips on the camera lens, and as we mentioned earlier, the Galaxy S9 managed to squeeze in a similar feature on its rear panel.

While Samsung hasn’t mentioned anything of the sort – officially, at least – it would be very interesting to see if this patent ever makes it to an actual market-ready product in the future.

Source: Pigtou

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