Android 14 will making unlocking your phone a lot faster


While big new flashy features are usually part of major OS updates, sometimes focusing on smaller quality of life improvements is just as important, and that’s something that users can look forward to in Android 14.

Google recently released the latest beta for Android 14 and one of the new features that was discovered is how Android will handle the lock screen. Right now, if Android users enter their PIN on their lock screen, they have to tap “Enter” or confirm to unlock the handset.

With this new change, Google is giving users the option to have the phone automatically unlock when the PIN is entered correctly, saving users an additional tap. This is an option meaning that users can choose to keep using their lock screen like before, or they can enable this feature for faster unlocking.

Google notes in the feature’s caption that this potentially makes it less secure. This is because there might be times when you enter your PIN but because you didn’t press enter, your phone would remain locked. Now by automatically unlocking, there could be some situations where it could be dangerous because it would allow whoever has your phone access to its contents.

That being said, it is a nice quality of life improvement, especially for users who found the need to confirm their PIN to be a bit annoying and slow.

Source: 9to5Google

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