The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5’s gap is pretty obvious


One of the rumored design changes Samsung is expected to make to its upcoming foldable phones is the hinge, where Samsung is reported to be adopting a new waterdrop-like hinge design.

With this new design, it will apparently make the gap between the phone’s folded display look less obvious. This is a good thing because the smaller the gap, the less likely stuff will get stuck in between which could either cause damage to the display or to the hinge. But if a recently leaked hands-on video of the Galaxy Z Flip 5 is anything to go by, that gap might not be as small as we had thought.

This leak was posted on Slashleaks courtesy of user Leakspinner where in the video, it shows that the Flip 5’s gap when closed is actually kind of big and obvious. Keep in mind that the units shown in the video are dummy units, meaning that they are not the actual production units that will be sold.

There is a possibility that the dummy units could have gotten something wrong in their measurements which could explain why the gap is so huge. That being said, this isn’t necessarily a deal breaker. The previous Fold and Flip models had a pretty sizeable gap and for the most part, most people didn’t seem to mind.

We imagine that the larger external display is probably going to be a lot more exciting compared to the gap, but either way it’s something you should take into consideration if you are planning on buying the phone. Samsung will be officially announcing their new foldables on the 26th of July, so check back with us then for more details

Source: PhoneArena

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