OneOdio’s OpenRock Pro might be the perfect earbuds for your outdoor runs


One of the reasons why some people love the use of headphones and earphones is because of the immersive sound it provides compared to traditional speakers. With speakers, you would need a set of really good quality speakers or an acoustically treated room to truly be able to appreciate its sound without background noise and echo ruining your experience.

With the traditionally closed design of headphones and in-ear earphones, it helps eliminate some of that problem and helps deliver a more immersive soundstage and listening experience. The only problem is that you end up shutting out the world around you, which is fine if you’re at home, but it can be an issue if you’re in public and need to be aware of your surroundings.

This is why conduction earphones have become pretty popular, where it gives users the privacy they might expect from headphones, but still allows them to be aware of what goes on around them. If you’ve started to look into bone conduction earphones or if you’re interested in getting a pair, OneOdio’s OpenRock Pro could be a set worth checking out, and here’s why.


One of the features we love about the OpenRock Pro is its design. Usually when it comes to conduction-based earphones, there is a band connecting the earbuds that goes around the back of your head or neck. This can be uncomfortable, not to mention it makes the overall footprint larger and more bulky.

With the OpenRock Pro, OneOdio has adopted the design of true wireless earbuds, ditching the head/neck band in the process to create a pair of individual earbuds.

Each earpiece comes with a hook. This hook creates a more secure fit so that when you’re using it outdoors, like maybe one a run or at the gym where there might be a lot of movement involved, you can rest assured that the OpenRock Pro will stay on your ears and won’t fall off, which could result in you losing one or both earbuds.

The actual physical design of the OpenRock Pro is pretty simple and straightforward with a smooth black finish with a small silver accent and built-in LEDs. There will also be a white version with a mirror silver finish for its accents which we think looks pretty striking too, so depending on your preference, you can opt for a more subtle look or one that’s slightly more flashy.

Open-Ear Conduction

So one of the main selling points of the OpenRock Pro is that it relies on conduction to deliver audio to your ears. For those unfamiliar, there are essentially two types of conduction earphones. There is bone conduction, where the earphones rest on the back of your ears near the base of your skull (or sometimes on the side of your head). It then uses vibrations to help you “hear”.

This is beneficial for those who have hearing issues or are suffering from hearing loss. The other type of conduction is air conduction, which is what the OpenRock Pro uses. Unless you have hearing issues, air conduction is generally regarded as being “superior” in terms of audio quality compared to bone conduction.

Instead of the drivers being pushed directly into our ears, sound waves are instead emitted outside, which then enters our ears and into our eardrums, which allows us to hear what’s going on.

By creating an open-ear conduction set of earbuds, it means that the wearer will be able to enjoy their music or talk to others on voice or video calls, while still being completely aware of their surroundings. This is crucial if you’re out in public, or if you’re walking near roads and you need to be aware of oncoming traffic.

It can also be useful when it comes to public transport as you can hear your station or stop being called out. Some might also find benefits in using it in enclosed spaces like at school or the office, where you can hear other people call out to you instead of remaining oblivious. It also has the added advantage of being more comfortable for extended periods of usage.

For those wondering about the sound quality, the OpenRock Pro features 16.2mm drivers and supports codecs such as aptX and AAC. The company has also included its TubeBass Technology that helps deliver an enhanced bass, and there are also a set of noise-canceling microphones which will help deliver crystal clear audio if you’re on a call.

Great for physical activities

Like we mentioned earlier, one of the design choices OneOdio made with the OpenRock Pro is to create hooks. If you primarily use your headphones or earphones at a gym or when exercising, the hook is really useful because it ensures that during a workout or when you’re running or cycling, the earbuds won’t fall out.

We know that there are many true wireless earbuds users out there who have lost their earbuds this way, so having a hook definitely helps. OneOdio has also ensured that the earbuds are IPX5 rated when it comes to water-resistance. While you definitely can’t take them with you on a swim, the water-resistance offered by its IPX5 rating means that it is resistant to moisture, like your sweat, so you can workout with the OpenRock Pro and not worry about your sweating damaging it.

The hooks themselves are also adjustable which means that you don’t have to worry about them not fitting you properly as you should be able to find an angle that will allow them to sit securely on your ears while remaining comfortable.

Long-lasting battery

The problem with wireless headphones and earbuds is battery life, but that’s something you won’t have to worry too much about with the OpenRock Pro. According to OneOdio, the earbuds are rated for up to 46 hours of music and calls. This means that unless you’re listening to the earbuds non-stop, realistically speaking you should be able to squeeze up to a week’s worth of battery life from it when used together with its charging case.

Speaking of charging, OneOdio has also made sure to include support for fast charging. They claim that just 5 minutes of charging will be able to squeeze an extra 60 minutes of battery life out of the earbuds, so in a pinch if you need a bit more battery life to last you towards the end of the day, 5 minutes is all you’ll need.

Pricing & availability

So, if you’re keen on the OpenRock Pro for your gym or workout needs, you will be able to grab a pair for yourself directly from OneOdio’s website.

The earbuds are normally priced at $129.99, but you will be able to get them for as low as $103.99 from Amazon during its Prime Day discount which knocks 20% off from the 11-12th of July, or from their website where you can also get the 20% discount using the ONE20%SP coupon code.

This honestly is a pretty good deal when you consider its features, design, and battery life, so to learn more or grab yourself a pair, just pop on over to its website for the details!

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