Samsung’s new foldables are launching on July 26


Samsung had previously confirmed that they will be launching their new foldable phones this month, but they stopped short of confirming a date. For those who are wondering, it looks like we finally have an official launch date and that is the 26th of July, 2023.

The event will be held in Seoul, South Korea, which interestingly enough is actually the first time Samsung has held an Unpacked event in its home country. The event will see Samsung officially unveil its new foldables, the Galaxy Z Fold 5 and Flip 5.

In terms of specs, nothing official has been confirmed yet, but based on the rumors, the Flip 5 is expected to come with the biggest changes where the external display will be considerably larger than its predecessor. The Fold 5, on the other hand, is rumored to be utilizing a new waterdrop hinge design which will reduce the gap when the phone is closed, but otherwise it should more or less look like the Fold 4.

That being said, we should remind you that Samsung is actually currently running a promotion for both its foldables. If you think that you will most likely be getting either phone, if you go ahead and reserve a unit now, you will get $50 in credit, so that’s pretty much an instant discount and might be worth checking out.

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    Reserve the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5 or Fold5 and get $50 credit!

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