Samsung’s Quick Share now available on more devices


If you own an iPhone and a Mac, then you know that getting both devices working together is a seamless process. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for Android and Windows/Mac, where due to them being different platforms and made by different companies, compatibility can be hit or miss.

Now, the good news is that if you own a Samsung phone and a non-Samsung PC, you might be pleased to learn that in the latest version of the Quick Share app, Samsung is finally making the app available for more non-Samsung devices. Prior to this, Quick Share would only work on Samsung-made PCs.

For those unfamiliar, Quick Share is an app designed by Samsung that offers users a way to quickly transfer files between a Samsung smartphone/tablet to another Samsung laptop/PC. With this update, those who own a laptop or PC made by another manufacturer, whether it be custom or by a PC maker, it should play nicely with it.

There is a catch, and that is the device you’re transferring to will need to have Intel’s WiFi driver version 22.50.07 or later. If your PC or laptop uses a WiFi and Bluetooth card made by a different manufacturer, then it won’t work. This doesn’t mean that file transfers will be impossible, but you’ll have to resort to other methods which honestly work just fine.

Source: SamMobile

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