Samsung’s Galaxy Watches will soon work better on people with tattoos


When smartwatches first launched, some people were quick to discover that if you had tattoos on your wrist or arm where the watch was being worn, it could lead to issues where your heart rate wasn’t being measured, or if the watch thinks that it’s not being worn.

While we can’t speak to other smartwatch makers, the good news is that if you own a Samsung Galaxy Watch or are thinking about getting one, Samsung is working on an update that will make it more compatible with people who have tattoos on their wrists.

This is according to a post on the Samsung Community where a moderator claims that the team in charge is working on an update that will make the watch more sensitive, even for users with wrist tattoos. The moderator claims that this update is expected to be released in the second half of the year, but stopped short of giving a more specific timeline.

This is good news for Galaxy Watch owners who might already be experiencing issues, or would-be customers who are concerned that their tattoos might get in the way of their smartwatches functioning properly. We’re not sure how much better the watches will be once the update drops, but it could be something that our tattooed readers can look forward to!

Source: SamMobile

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