ASUS ROG Ally Hardware Update


As reported by RetroResolve, ASUS’s response to a performance bug and other issues affecting its Republic of Gamers (ROG) Ally software. The bug reportedly caused performance drops and stuttering in games, leading to frustration among users. ASUS acknowledged the bug and promised to release a fix through a software update. In addition to addressing the performance bug, the company stated that it is actively working on resolving other reported issues, such as software crashes and compatibility problems.

The company encouraged users to report any issues they encounter to assist in identifying and resolving them promptly. ASUS also assured users that it values their feedback and is actively listening to customer concerns. They are encouraging those who are having hardware issues, like degrading SD card to contact the relievant support channels either in the UK or US to talk about solutions.

ASUS expresses the importance of regular software updates in maintaining optimal performance and addressing software-related issues. As all of this is a work in progress while they figure things out. Asus has emphasised the significance of ASUS’s response to user feedback and its dedication to resolving the reported problems. So, they are encouraging the community to keep reporting the issues as they come up. For those of you who are interested in more granular updates for what to expect, and what is currently being worked on you may be interested in joining their Discord server. The ROG Discord server is where they are taking feedback from gamers as well as keeping people updated on what’s benign worked on.

ASUS’s acknowledgement of the performance bug in its ROG Ally software and its commitment to addressing the issues through an upcoming software update is highly reassuring. It also highlights the company’s commitment to resolving other reported issues and actively engaging with user feedback. Which is all good signs for the support of the Ally if they are this committed to working with people now as they will be long term.

The ASUS competitor to the popular Steam Deck. For those who are looking for one of the best portable PC alternatives they don't come better than the Ally.

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