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Back in the day, if you wanted to play on a slot machine, you’d have to pay a visit to a casino. Depending on where you stay, this might not be very convenient, which means that you might only be able to play a couple of times a year when you make a trip down to Atlantic City or Las Vegas.

These days, our phones are capable of doing just about anything. We can shop, we can order food, we can create amazing graphics and videos, play immersive video games, so playing slot games on our mobile devices seemed like a natural progression of things. Now, if you’re interested in being able to play slot games whenever and wherever you are, then you’ve come to the right place.

We’ve put together a list of five of the most addictive slot games available on Android, so if you are interested, do check some of these games out!

Jackpot Storm

The problem with a lot of online games is that many of them have adopted the free-to-play model that basically encourages you to spend more money than you should on a game. With Jackpot Storm, you won’t really have to spend unless you really want to. The game offers gamers free coins every couple of hours, so if you’re not hardcore playing it throughout the day, you should have enough coins to let you keep spinning the machines.

There are also built-in daily challenges so you can win more coins that lets you continue playing, along with a bunch of other mini games that you can check out if you want a little bit more variety. Last but not least, there are multiplayer tournaments so you can check how you rank against other players from around the world.

Huuuge Casino Slots

Variety is largely considered to be the spice of life, and if you love casino-based games because of the thrill that it offers, Huuuge Casino Slots could be a game worth checking out. Obviously, slots will be one of the games offered, but what we like about this app is that there are a bunch of other casino-based games. In fact, it’s like stepping into a virtual casino with a wide array of options. And if you’re in Canada, you’ll be delighted to know that Huuuge Casino Slots is affiliated with one of the best no deposit bonus casinos in the country. You can explore more exciting casino experiences by visiting the renowned best no deposit bonus casinos in Canada. So, if you ever get bored of one game, not to worry as there will always be other options waiting for you.

Jackpot World

There are many flavors when it comes to slot games, so if you like variety, Jackpot World has you covered. It offers gamers access to slot games like the classic 777 slots game, Fortune Tree, Mighty Tiger, and Penguin Quest, as well as new and interesting casino slot games like Leprechaun Blast and Werewolf Night.

The game also gives gamers the chance to collect 6 million free slots as welcome game coins after installing the game, along with 10 million free wheel bonuses that gamers have a chance of winning everyday. Also, if you’re not a fan of microtransactions, you can actually get bonus coins every 15 minutes, a turnover time that’s much shorter than some of the other titles out there.

The game’s developer also promises that there will be new game bonuses and styles that are released once a week, so if you’re constantly looking for something new to play, Jackpot World could be a good choice.

Lotsa Slots

Lotsa Slots is another slots game from the developer of Jackpot World. The developer promises that every week, there will be new slot machines added, so if you enjoy variety and don’t want to be playing the same machine for months on end, Lotsa Slots has you covered.

Gamers will also be given a massive pot of 5 million free game coins when they start and play their bonus games. There are also huge casino prizes that can be won, and for those who love collecting achievements and trophies, there is an option to win trophies simply by playing the game.

There are also quests and daily events that gamers can participate in to keep things lively and interesting, as well as a leader board so you can compete with players from all around the world.


Slotomania is a slots game for Android that will have you all set up and ready to go right out the door. The game will give players 1 million free coins as a welcome bonus, so you should be set for a considerably extended period of time.

The game also offers access to over 200 premium slot machines so there will be something for everyone. Similar to other slots games on mobile, Slotomania gives gamers a chance to win bonus coins and also rewards by collecting Slotocards. You can even earn exclusive slots rewards along with massive jackpots.

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