Rocksteady’s Arkham Series will soon Arrive for Nintendo Switch


The rumors were true – after much speculation, it looks like Rocksteady will be releasing a collection of the Batman Arkham games for Nintendo Switch, as confirmed via Nintendo’s most recent Direct presentation.

Officially titled as the “Batman: Arkham Trilogy,″ the collection will be released later this 2023, and will feature a handful of titles in the series including Arkham Asylum, Arkham City, Arkham Knight, as well as all the included DLC for the three games. Critics have praised the series as some of the most impressive superhero games to ever hit consoles.

While the Arkham series has previously appeared on older Nintendo systems such as the Nintendo Wii U and 3DS, the release of the trilogy will officially be the first time that the mainline Arkham games will be available for a major Nintendo console. The games are set to make their debut on the eShop later this fall.

In other Nintendo-related news, Konami’s much-anticipated Metal Gear Solid collection will also launch for the Nintendo Switch, and will come with several games from the franchise, as well as special bonuses for buyers who pre-order the collection.

Source: IGN

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The Metal Gear Collection is set to Launch on Nintendo Switch

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