WhatsApp is now allowing users to automatically silence pesky spam calls


It can sometimes be a bit scary and worrying when you receive a call from an unknown number. More often than not, these calls tend to be scam calls. Thankfully, WhatsApp is making it easier for these calls to be ignored.

WhatsApp has announced that they are rolling out an update to the app that will give users the option to automatically silence incoming calls that are from unknown numbers, meaning that these are numbers that you haven’t saved to your contacts.

When these calls come in, your phone will not ring and you will not be alerted to them, but they will still be in your Call list because as WhatsApp notes, it’s just in case it might actually be from a legit caller and you want to call them back to add them to your contacts.

“Silence Unknown Callers is designed to give you more privacy and control of your incoming calls. It helps to automatically screen out spam, scams, and calls from unknown people for increased protection. These calls will not ring on your phone, but will be visible in your Call list, in case it turns out to be someone important.”

Given that our numbers are already out there floating about the internet and dark web, no thanks to the various hacks and data breaches that have happened over the years, it’s probably a good idea to make use of these features lest you fall victim to a scam. The update should be in the process of being rolled out, so keep an eye out for it.

Source: WhatsApp

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