Google’s Pixel 8 might be finally reverting back to flat displays


Remember when Samsung used to equip their flagship phones with curved displays and included special software to take advantage of those curved edges? It was a solid idea on paper, but in real life, it was a pain to use because you’d have to constantly worry about accidentally touching the side displays by accident.

This made using the phone more awkward than it had to be. Samsung eventually ditched that idea, and now it looks like Google will finally be following suit. According to a report from Android Authority, it looks like for the upcoming Pixel 8, Google will be dropping the use of curved displays from the larger Pro model and will instead be reverting back to regular, flat displays.

The report claims that Google is expected to maintain the same 6.7-inch display on the Pixel 8 Pro, but will actually shrink the display of the base Pixel 8 model down from 6.3-inches to 6.17-inches. We suppose this was done to make the models more different from each other, but it’s also not a bad thing in general because smaller displays make for easier one-handed use.

Google is also rumored to be using displays that can reach higher peak brightness, where the Pixel 8 will have a peak brightness of 1,400 nits, while the Pixel 8 Pro will be 1,600 nits, up from the Pixel 7 and 7 Pro’s 1,000 nits. The report also claims that the variable refresh rates on the phones will have a wider range, which in theory should be better for battery life.

Source: Android Authority

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