More Regions can Now Use Irregular Heart Rhythm Notifications on the Galaxy Watch


Samsung recently announced that it will be bringing Irregular Heart Rhythm Notification (IHRN) for thirteen additional regions this summer, in addition to pre-existing functionality on the watch such as Blood Pressure and Electrocardiogram (ECG) monitoring.

The feature will make its way to countries including Argentina, Azerbaijan, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Georgia, Guatemala, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Panama, UAE, as well as Korea and the United States. The feature will be accessible via the Samsung Health Monitor App, which is currently available for over 74 markets worldwide.

The IHRN feature will check for irregular heart rhythms while running in the background, and will also warn users of potential AFib activity. Samsung adds that the IHRN feature will first be available on the upcoming Galaxy Watch devices later this year, as part of the new One UI 5 Watch platform, with planned expansion for older watches.

In other Galaxy Watch news, it’s expected that Samsung might revisit an older design trend on the upcoming Watch 6 by way of a rotating bezel. The feature was last seen on the Galaxy Watch 4 Classic, although it was omitted on the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro.

Source: Samsung 

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