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Google’s Working to Improve your Smart Device Automations


Following the release of its redesigned Home app, Google recently unveiled some new developments regarding its script editor, which now enables users to gain more control over their custom automations. The script editor is based on the “YAML” language, which will need a bit of basic programming experience.

Google says that the script editor will give users a lot of freedom with regards to how they want to automate their smart home setup. For example, tasks such as adjusting the ambient lighting in your home based on specific circumstances (such as when your TV is still on at a certain time of day) will now be easier to program.

Currently, Google’s smart home controls lets users set routines, although they are limited in terms of the amount of starters, conditions, and actions that a user can program. By comparison, a custom automation will be able to support up to a hundred starters, conditions and actions, allowing for a more versatile sequence.

Currently, Google’s Script Editor can be accessed via a public preview build of the Google Home app (or via web), along with a step-by-step guide from Google. Automations will come with support for Google Home devices, third-party products, and Matter-supported sensors.

Source: Google

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