Logitech’s Brand Restructuring Spells the End for its “Blue” Microphones


The rise of the “device ecosystem” has led to many different brands and companies adopting a strategy similar to what Apple has been doing, providing users a way to integrate all their productivity needs into a cohesive hardware and software setup.

As such, Logitech is looking to do the same – the company recently announced that it will move away from its “Blue” branding, which was previously used to market several audio products including microphones. This new strategy will merge “Astro Gaming,” “Blue Microphones,” and “Logitech for Creators” under the Logitech G brand, and into a more unified ecosystem.

According to Ujesh Desai, Logitech General Manager of Gaming, Logitech will continue selling microphones under the Logitech G banner. Additionally, products under the other integrated brands will continue to be sold at the moment, although the company makes it clear that it will aim towards “deeper integration” between its products moving forward.

Logitech also states that the Blue branding will be used to describe the company’s audio products, and that the Astro branding will continue to live on under the merger, with new products to come in the future.

Source: Logitech (Twitter)

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