You can Now Pre-Register for Final Fantasy Ever Crisis on Android


After being pushed back several times for a final release, it looks like Final Fantasy fans can now sign up and pre-register for Ever Crisis, a spin-off title from Square Enix’s popular “Final Fantasy VII” franchise.

Earlier on, it was announced that the game will have a closed beta in 2022, although an absence of updates – until now, that is – have led many wondering if the game was delayed. Ever Crisis was announced alongside a slew of other Final Fantasy VII projects, including the First Soldier, a battle royale mobile game which has since been shut down back in January 2023.

Square Enix’s Final Fantasy VII franchise has certainly not been slept on in recent times, spewing several spin-offs and a few remakes and ports throughout the years (the original game is also available on Google Play).

Fans should keep an eye out for further developments regarding the game’s official launch, pricing, and more. The title will follow an episodic format, which encompasses the events of Final Fantasy VII, as well as several other spin-off games – including the popular “Crisis Core” – in the franchise.

Source: Google Play

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