TCL’s TVs will be getting more free streaming channels


It is kind of ironic that we moved away from regular TV to apps and platforms like Netflix, Hulu, and so on simply because we like being able to choose what to watch, when to watch, but these days it seems that live TV appears to be gaining popularity once again.

That being said, if you do enjoy watching live streaming TVs, you might be interested to learn that TCL has announced a partnership with Cineverse that will bring the platform’s full lineup of free live TV streams to TCL’s devices.

The catch is that this will only be available to TCL’s Google TV or Roku TV sets, so for those who might be using one of the company’s older models that don’t run on either platform, it looks like you’ll be missing out on this. According to Cineverse’s Chief Operating Officer & Chief Technology Officer Tony Huidor:

“As one of the world’s top television brands, we are thrilled to have TCL as our first OEM SaaS partner.  As we continue to expand the capabilities of our Matchpoint platform we are excited to provide tremendous efficiencies and provide key backend support to TCL as they look to scale and expand their position in the streaming entertainment ecosystem.”

In addition to this announcement, the press release also revealed that TCL will be rebranding and launching a new free streaming service later this year with more details expected to be announced at the StreamTV show in Denver next week.

Source: Cord Cutters News

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