The Nothing Phone (2) was built with sustainability in mind


It’s a little worrying at how many electronic devices are produced and sold every year. Given that some of the components are made using rare earth metals, which are a finite resource, we have to wonder if there’s really enough to go around and whether it will be able to last for future generations to come.

This is why many companies these days are priding themselves on building their products using more sustainable methods, and Nothing is one of them. In a series of tweets, the company has revealed that for their upcoming Nothing Phone (2), which is scheduled for a launch in July, they have adopted a bunch of sustainable practices.

This includes the increased use of recycled or bio-based parts, which they say is about 3x more compared to the original Nothing Phone (1). The company will be using 100% recycled tin on a bunch of the phone’s circuit boards, 100% recycled copper foil, and over 90% of recycled steel.

They will also be using plastic-free packaging and will instead use packaging that has been certified to consist of over 60% recycled fiber. The company also says that the final assembly plants are powered by 100% renewable energy, and they even claim that despite the Nothing Phone (2) sporting a larger display and battery, the overall carbon footprint is at 53.45kg, which is apparently 5kg lower than the Nothing Phone (1).

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