Boulies Fit: An office chair without the exorbitant price tag


If you’re someone who works in front of a computer a lot and if you also happen to work from home, then investing in good quality home office furniture can do wonders for your productivity.

For example, having a solid desk with a lot of space can help you feel like cramped and cluttered, while also allowing you to create a setup of your dreams with a huge curved display, awesome speakers, and a place for you to rest your PC without having to hide it on the floor under the table.

Another important piece of office furniture is the chair. Now, there are many chairs out there, some of which are really cheap, and some of which are crazy expensive. Given that you probably sit in this chair for extended periods of time, cheaping out on a chair is not a good idea because it might have super thin cushioning and padding and bad ergonomics, which in the long run might cause you issues like back pain and so on.

So if you’re after an office chair that won’t break the bank but is stylish and fits in with your aesthetics, then the Boulies Fit could be a chair worth checking out.


One of the things that stands out with the Boulies Fit is its design. It’s actually a rather simple design which is a good thing. After all, chairs are meant to be sat in and not looked at. Plus, the simple design also means that it’s easier to blend into your home or office surroundings, unless you happen to work at a company with a lot of bright and funky visuals, but for the most part the simple design helps keep the chair versatile.

The Boulies Fit will come in a fabric or nappa leather finish (more on that later), so depending on your budget and preference regarding aesthetics, you have those two options available to you and in multiple colors too. The hardware of the chair is all black, so even if you opt for a non-black color option, the rest of the hardware will still be black so that’s something to keep in mind if you were hoping for matching colors.

The chair features an aluminum base and an “extra strong” aluminum frame, so if you’re on the bigger or heavier side, it should support you. According to the company, the Boulies Fit has a seat depth of 44-48cm, a backrest width of 44.5cm, and the recommended height for the user is between 155-190cm. It will also be able to support a max weight of 100kg.

The Boulies Fit also comes with 6cm PU casters that will help you roll the chair around smoothly.


Now looks aside, the most important quality of any chair is its ergonomics. What good is a chair that looks fancy but hurts your butt and your back after 30 minutes, right? Thankfully, ergonomics was something that Boulies thought of when designing the chair.

Some of the ergonomic features offered in the Boulies Fit include 3-level angle backrest recline, where users get a choice of 100°, 112.5°, or 125°. There is a tilt position lock so you don’t accidentally fall backwards if you lean too far back.

For those of you who might have bad/weak backs, the Boulies Fit will also come with a built-in adjustable lumbar support, while the armrest can be adjusted in eight different ways to accommodate users of different sizes or sitting preferences and styles. The seat depth can also be adjusted, so if you prefer sitting further out or further in, you can adjust it to your needs.

Boulies is also utilizing 100% cold-cure foam for the cushioning of the chair, which means that it will be able to hold its shape as long as the integrity of the foam is maintained. So if you can take care of the chair, it should be able to last you for quite a while. The company has also equipped the chair with a Class 4 set of hydraulics for seat height adjustment.

Also, one thing to note is that the Boulies Fit comes in a Pro version, which along with the nappa leather option comes with a built-in adjustable headrest, giving extra comfort and support to your head and neck while you lean back. The base fabric version does not come with this feature so if an additional headrest is something you value, you will have to opt for the Pro or nappa leather models.

Material choice

Some office chairs out there don’t offer much in terms of customization. We can’t say we blame them but it can be a problem if you like the design and features but aren’t a fan of the material. For example, if you work in a hotter climate, leather-like materials can make your thighs sweat.

That being said, the Boulies Fit actually offers customers quite a number of choices when it comes to customization of the materials. The basic model offers a fabric covering that comes in three colors – black, grey, and green.

If you don’t mind spending a bit more, you can opt for the nappa leather option which creates a more luxurious vibe and executive feel to it. This will, of course, be priced higher than the base fabric model, but for some, the use of nappa leather is preferable due to the feel or the look that it offers. For the nappa leather model, it will be available in a black or brown finish.

Pricing & availability

So if you’re sold on the Boulies Fit, you might be interested to learn that it is priced starting at £429.99. This is actually a discounted price of £50 from its original asking price of £479.99. The prices will go up depending on the material that you choose, but honestly at a base price of £429.99, it’s pretty decent and with its solid construction, this is a chair that could last you for the next decade to come.

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