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I’ve been struggling with my weight since I was in college. During high school, I was actually relatively fit, but after finding my freedom during college, I started to pack on the pounds. Hanging out at LAN cafes (when they used to be a thing) and playing Counter-Strike and Warcraft with my friends all day and then binging on snacks and fast food certainly did not help.

To be honest I never quite realized the extent at which my unhealthy lifestyle contributed to my massive weight gain until people around me started pointing it out, but since it’s hard to be objective about oneself, I always thought, “Nah, it’s not that bad.” That is until one day I stepped on the scale and realized I was at a whopping 250lbs.

I tried all kinds of diets, I even tried working out but it never quite stuck. I would make some progress, get lazy, and then fall off the wagon. This cycle would repeat over the years until the pandemic struck in 2020. Being stuck at home with nowhere to go, my weight kept increasing until I hit an all-time high of 295lbs, and I was shocked, and that’s when I decided to really take charge of my life and health.

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One of the things that I bought to help with my weight loss journey was a smart scale, or more specifically, the Eufy Smart Scale P2 Pro. The main reason for the purchase was because it had an accompanying app that would connect to the scale via Bluetooth and automatically log the data whenever I stepped on it, which I found instrumental in helping keep the weight off.

If you’re thinking about getting in shape or maybe hit some kind of fitness goal, then a smart scale could be beneficial and here’s why.

Automatic logging and visualize your progression

Like I mentioned earlier, one of the main reasons I got a smart scale was due to the automatic logging system. Admittedly you could always enter your data manually, but being able to log it automatically is extremely convenient.

Plus, the accompanying app had a history of all your previous entries and would even create a graph to show your weight loss (or weight gain) progression. Being able to visualize your fitness goals was certainly very inspiring. For example, if I had a particularly good week where I lost more weight than I expected, it motivated me to push myself even harder to beat the previous week’s numbers.

It also acted as a reminder to myself where I would look at the downwards trajectory of my weight and remember to stick to my diet and exercise plan, instead of giving into my cravings for fast food and soda.

Understanding your body better

One of the things I learned about trying to lose weight from my trainer and nutritionist is that you shouldn’t just focus on the weight itself. There are many reasons why your weight might fluctuate, like eating heavy the night before, or eating food with too much sodium that could result in you retaining too much water and make you seem heavier on the scales.

This is why smart scales like the Eufy Smart Scale P2 Pro came in handy, where it offered a ton of useful information that I could also use to track my progress. For example, it was able to give me a readout of my BMI, my body fat percentage, my BMR, my skeletal muscle mass, my muscle mass, how much water I have in my body, and even how much protein I was taking in (we’ll get to this later).

This meant that while certain days my overall weight might not have dropped as much as the previous week, I could see that my body fat percentage had gone down while my muscle mass increased. This means that even though my weight had not changed much, I was headed in the right direction as far as my fitness goals were concerned, which was to lose fat while building muscles.

Fun features

Another fun feature of the Eufy Smart Scale P2 Pro is that the app comes with a 3D avatar of yourself. You can input your measurements like bicep size, waist and hip size, and so on and the avatar will be generated to look somewhat like you based on those measurements.

This means that as you progress towards your fitness goals, you can update those measurements and your avatar will be resized accordingly. You can even make comparisons based on your previous measurements to see what your old avatar looked like versus what it looks like now.

You could always take photos of yourself in the mirror to make comparisons, but given that lighting, angle of the camera, and so on can affect the photo, having a 3D representation of your body was certainly useful. It is kind of a novelty but being able to visualize my progress was also another motivating factor that pushed me towards my fitness goals.

How accurate is it?

This is something I feel that I should bring up as it is a very important factor to consider – accuracy of your scale. Now, not all scales are necessarily accurate and there are many reasons why you might have slightly different readings from one scale to another.

While I cannot vouch for the accuracy of the Eufy Smart Scale P2 Pro in terms of measurements like body fat percentage, muscle mass, and so on, I did find that it was pretty close to the InBody machine used at my nutritionist’s office. The key to tracking your progress is to make sure you measure yourself at the same time everyday (or every week) while using the same machine.

This means that even if certain measurements might not be as accurate as a medical grade machine, at the very least you can track your progress. If you really want something more accurate, when the time comes you could always pay a visit to your local doctor or nutritionist and get yourself measured, but for everyday use, a smart scale (or even a normal scale) will do the job just fine.

So, should you get a smart scale?

If you’re on a fitness journey to lose weight, gain weight, build muscle, or bring that body fat percentage down, then yes, a smart scale can be useful. Being able to automatically log your progress and see graphs and charts of your progress over the days, weeks, and months can be motivating.

It can also help you see if you’re on the right track. For example, if you’re trying to build muscle but you find yourself actually losing muscle then maybe it’s time to revisit your diet or exercise routine. Having these stats can lead to a better understanding of your body and activity, which can then help you better work towards your goals.

Of course, not everyone might feel the same. Some people might not be as concerned about these measurements. Some might just want to gain or lose overall weight, so as long as they see those numbers go up or down, that’s good enough for them.

But if you’re someone who’s been struggling to meet their goals or if you’re just someone who likes having this type of information readily available to them at all times, then yes, you should most definitely get a smart scale.

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