The Pixel’s Call Screen has been simplified


One of the reasons why you would get a Pixel phone from Google is due to certain exclusive features that Google has introduced to the phone’s software. One of those features is Call Screen that does a pretty good job at detecting calls from spam callers and giving users options on how they want to handle it.

Now according to Android Police, Google has issued an update that will simplify the feature. In the update, Google has changed the settings for Call Screen into various protection levels, ranging from basic, to medium, and to maximum.

With the basic level, the Call Screen feature will automatically decline calls from known spam numbers in Google’s database, while the maximum protection level will basically decline all spam calls and screen unknown numbers. Prior to this update, Call Screen had more granular options.

For example, users could choose how to handle incoming spam calls, such as allowing their phones to ring, automatically screen and decline robocalls, or to silently decline them. This update more or less consolidates those options into protection levels. This is easier for users who aren’t familiar with these options, but at the same time we understand that more advanced users would have preferred having more options to choose from.

Either way the changes appear to be rolling out at the moment, so keep an eye on it if you happen to own a Google Pixel handset.

Source: Android Police

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