Sony Unveils its Newest Handheld… Sort Of


After much anticipation, Sony finally announced a new addition to its PlayStation hardware lineup during its State of Play presentation, which was held just recently. More specifically, the Japanese gaming giant unveiled “Project Q,” a new handheld device designed for gaming with PlayStation titles – there’s a catch, however.

More specifically, the Project Q handheld will function in a way similar to Razer’s handheld device, and is designed instead to stream games from your PS5 via Wifi. It’s quite different from a Nintendo Switch or Steam Deck, both of which can be played offline and come with their own library of software titles.

Not much else has been revealed about the device, so details about its operating system and user interface are still a mystery at the moment. In terms of design, the handheld comes with an 8-inch display, flanked by controllers on either side (which look like a PS5 controller sawed in half).

This is a rather far cry from the likes of the PS Vita and PSP, Sony’s earlier attempts at dedicated handheld gaming systems. With that said, it looks like we’ll have to wait a bit more to see if Sony announces any follow-up information about Project Q.

Source: IGN

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