Sent WhatsApp messages can now be edited


Made a typo or mistake in a WhatsApp message you sent? We’ve all done that. The good news is that instead of deleting the message or sending a second message containing the right words or information, WhatsApp is finally allowing users to edit sent messages as long as it is done within a 15 minute window.

For those who are concerned that this could be used for nefarious purposes, like people editing their messages to gaslight others or to say they didn’t say what they did say, that won’t happen. This is because messages that have been edited will now show an “Edited” label so that users know that the message has been edited.

Unfortunately there will be no way of showing what the original message was, unless you were quick enough to screenshot the conversation before the editing was done.

WhatsApp had previously allowed users to unsend messages. It was also reported that the company was working on the ability for users to edit their sent messages, and it looks like the feature is finally here and is rolling out as we speak. The rollout is being done in stages globally, so if you don’t see the ability to edit a sent message now, not to worry as it should eventually make its way to you in the coming weeks.

Source: WhatsApp

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