Google’s AI can now help you generate code


Learning to code can be quite an intimidating thing. There is a lot of syntax that you have to remember, be able to work through bugs, think logically, and so on. The good news is that it looks like AI is here to help.

Google has announced that they will be introducing AI to Google Colab, which is the platform that allows users to program in Python. With the introduction of AI, users will be able to access features like a code-assisting chatbot that can help them generate snippets of code for particular functions.

This AI isn’t based on Bard, but rather it will be based on Codey which is built on PaLM 2. With this, users can prompt the AI if they’re stuck on something. For example, if there is something you want your code to do but can’t quite figure it out yourself, you can ask it using natural language, like if you were asking a fellow colleague or teacher, and it will be able to generate that code for you.

Keep in mind that this isn’t so much about AI developing your apps on your behalf, but rather generating bits that you might be stuck on. Also another thing to note is that just because the code is generated doesn’t mean that it will work perfectly with your app. While the code it generates might be the function you’re after, there could be other parts of your code that might clash with it or cause issues, so that’s something to take note of, but it could also be a good place for beginners to start.

Source: Google

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