DEAL: Get a free memory upgrade with the Samsung Galaxy S23+ now!


Handset makers charge way too much for memory. Going from one storage tier to the next is insanely expensive, especially when you consider that back in the day when microSD card slots were more common, it was so much cheaper to just buy a memory card and get a ton more storage at a fraction of the price.

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The good news is that if you’re still debating which storage tier to get for the Samsung Galaxy S23+, Samsung is running a promotion where they will be giving customers a free memory upgrade! This means that if you opt for the 256GB option, you’ll be upgraded to the 512GB option while paying the same price as the 256GB model, potentially saving you $100 or so dollars in the process!

Samsung is also offering enhanced trade-in value which means if you have an old phone lying around, you can get more for it that you can then use to offset the purchase of your brand new Samsung Galaxy S23+, so what are you waiting for?

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