Verizon announces “myPlan” with customizable options


When it comes to picking a carrier, you usually have to pick a plan as well. Sometimes these plans are perfect for you, but sometimes they’re not. For example, users who might not make calls or text that often don’t really need a plan that comes with minutes, but yet have to pay for it anyway.

This is why if you feel that your current plan doesn’t support your needs or lifestyle, Verizon’s myPlan might be worth checking out. This is the latest plan announced by the carrier where they are giving users customizable options so that they can tailor a plan that best suits their needs.

It starts with base options that includes the “Unlimited Welcome” and “Unlimited Plus” plan, with the former being an unlimited 5G plan, while the latter offers the same but with faster speeds and also 30GB of mobile hotspot data and will be priced at $30 and $45 per line respectively.

Once users choose their base plan, they can add “perks”, which are basically additional services that will be priced at $10 a month. This includes subscription to services like Disney+, Apple One, Apple Music, a Walmart+ membership, and so on. So if you want to just pay for stuff that you need and will actually use, then perhaps Verizon’s myPlan could be worth taking a look at.

More details along with pricing can be found on Verizon’s website.

Source: Verizon

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