Popular GBA Emulation App Finally gets Updated for 64-bit Compatibility


If you’re a fan of the “My Boy!” GBA emulator for Android devices, then you might be thrilled to know that the app has been updated earlier this month, after spending a couple of years in update limbo. The app is now compatible for newer versions of Android, which means it will be able to work with phones like the Pixel 7 series handsets, for example.

For those not in the know, Google has been introducing changes which will eventually reduce Android 14 support for older 32-bit apps – this means phones might prevent users from installing older apps, whether through app stores or via side-loading. We first noticed this change after the My Boy app failed to install via a manual .apk installation, in addition to the “install” button on its Play Store page being greyed out.

With that said however, the app now works seamlessly again, with some modifications to its features. Some of the changes with the new My Boy update include the following:

  • Targets latest Android.
  • Supports and optimizes emulation for arm64 CPU architecture.
  • A new way to browse and import ROMs.
  • Removes the annoying permission request notification from Google accounts.

Android 14 is currently in its beta phases, and is expected to launch sometime in August this year. Google has advised app developers to update their products for compatibility with future versions of the OS.


Mike Viray
A writer and content creator with a love for tech and music, Mike is also an avid gamer as well. He and his wife are big fans of Mario Kart.

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