Google Calendar now plays nicely with Microsoft Outlook


One of the perks of being part of Google’s ecosystem is that the company’s products and services are tightly integrated and work well across the board with each other. For example, if you’re using Gmail, you can chat and video call with other users, send and receive calendar invites, and so on.

But what if you’re only using part of Google’s services? The good news is that if you’re using Microsoft Outlook for your emails, Google has announced cross-platform compatibility with Google Calendar. This means that Outlook users will be able to receive Google Calendar invitations and RSVPs within Outlook itself, so users won’t have to open a separate browser or app just to accept those invites.

Outlook users will also be able to get meeting reminders created in Google Calendar so that they will not miss their meetings and events. According to Google:

“When working across locations and time zones, calendar functionality is vital for you to connect effectively and meaningfully with others. Calendar Interoperability is the critical component to help ensure events created in one calendar system are accurately propagated for guests using different calendar systems. This allows you to productively schedule time and manage your schedule collaboratively, regardless of your calendaring platform. “

The feature is already live for users so if you are an Outlook user that typically receives meeting and event invites via Google Calendar, then this interoperability should make your life a lot easier and convenient.

Source: Google

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