Best Colorful cases for your Pixel 7a


With the launch of the new Pixel 7a one of the first things you want to do is get yourself a case that will protect your investment. After all, there is nothing worse than getting your new gadget, and immediately dropping it only hours after taking it out of the box. One of the best ways to do that is to protect it by getting a case. For those of us who don’t like our cases to be the same generic black case that everyone else has, I have the solution! Below you’ll find a list of my favourite colourful cases for your Pixel 7a that will provide form as well as function.

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Google Pixel 7a
The latest from the Google lineup puts the A in affordability and offers the handset in some beautiful colours. I'm a Sea Blue person myself.
wegoodsun Crystal Glitter Case
If you're looking to add a touch of sparkle to your case but still show off the style of your handset have a look at these cases from wegoodsun. They have two options a Crystal clear, and pink option.
Caseology Nano Pop
If you like just a dash of colour in your cases check out the Nano Pop line from Caseology. They come in two colour options: black and navy. But come with accent colours around the camera lenses to really make the whole thing pop.
Esdot for Google Pixel 7A Case
There is a stunning 24 different set of colours. Making it the biggest selection we have on this list. With rave reviews and a constant favourite of mine, you'll definitely find something you like here.
Case-Mate Google Pixel 7A Case
While a lot of these cases are the same matt black cases you'd expect, I want to direct you to the Ombre Stardust variant that has a beautiful effect on the case.
Floral Flower Phone Case for Google Pixel 7A
If you're looking for some cute flower arrangements these come in 5 different designs that will surely brighten up your phone.
GVIEWIN for Google Pixel 7A
If you're looking for more realistic flowers, these cases will be a better option. They have a more open bud or blossom design!
Foluu Silicone Case for Google Pixel 7A
If you're looking for some bright silicone options these 4 colour options will absolutely brighten things up!
Asdsinfor Google Pixel 7A Phone Case
If you like a little bit of movement and glitter in your cases then the Asdsinfor cases have a liquid filling that has sequins in it. Think a lava lamp, but without the heat!
Hongxinyu for Google Pixel 7A
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CLATUK for Google Pixel 7A
These marble style cases come in 6 different colours and patterns. They're also an all in one case so you don't have to worry about getting an extra screen protector!
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