Disney+ and Hulu will be merging into a single app


When Disney acquired Fox a few years ago, they also acquired some of the companies that Fox owns or had a share in. This included Hulu. For the longest time, Disney+ and Hulu existed as two separate services, each with their own app, but now it looks like Disney is merging it into a single app.

During the company’s Q2 earnings call, Disney revealed that they will be consolidating their streaming services like Disney+ and Hulu where both services will now be accessible on a single app. This makes it easier for users who might not necessarily want to have a multitude of apps on their phones.

For those who might be worried that they might end up being forced to buy a package that includes Disney+ and Hulu, you can rest assured that won’t be the case. According to Disney’s President Bob Igor, users will still have the option of making individual subscriptions to the various streaming services, so if you only want Disney+ and not Hulu and vice versa, you have that option.

The main difference, and this is a huge convenience, is that instead of having to sign into multiple apps, you’ll only need to sign into one. It is unclear if there will be any kind of changes in pricing when this app merger happens, but Disney is hoping to have this completed by 2024.

Source: Disney

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