Save hundreds of dollars with Bluetti’s Mother’s Day power stations sale!


Mother’s Day is coming up soon which means that it’s time to find a gift for your mom. If your mom’s a bit of a tech nerd or if she prefers gifts that are practical, then you might be interested to learn that the good folks at Bluetti are running a promotion for Mother’s Day right now.

For those unfamiliar, Bluetti is a company known for their power stations and solar panels. Power stations are essentially souped up versions of power banks, where they offer considerably more power and battery, while also offering up more types of ports and connections that will allow you to charge and power a variety of devices and appliances apart from your phone or tablet.

Keep in mind that this promotion will run from the 6th of May until the 18th of May, so you’ve got a little over a week to check out these deals before they run out!

Bluetti EB3A

Starting with the EB3A, this is a small-ish and compact power station. If you don’t really need a power station that can double up as a backup for your home and just want something that’s portable and that you can bring on the road or on a camping trip, then the EB3A could be for you.

It features a 268Wh battery capacity and can put out up to 600W of power, thanks to the use of its AC Pure Sine Wave inverter. It also uses a LiFePO4 battery that boasts over 2,500 charging cycles, meaning that you could use it for years on end and not worry about its battery capacity dropping too much.

It also supports solar charging and 24/7 UPS if you need to connect it to devices that require a continuous, uninterrupted power source.

Bluetti EB70S

If you need something similar in concept to the EB3A but want a bit more juice, then the EB70S could be for you. It offers a considerably larger battery at 716Wh, and boasts a multitude of ports including 4x 110V AC outlets, 2x 100W PD ports, 2x 5V/3A USB-A ports, and 2x 12V/10A DC outlets that will let you charge and power all manner of devices.

Similar to the EB3A, there will also be support for solar charging which means that if you don’t have access to a direct power source, you can always use it with Bluetti’s solar panels and recharge it for free using the sun’s energy. Alternatively, if you can access direct power, you can fully recharge the EB70S in just 3-4 hours using AC power, or 7-8 hours using your car’s 12V port.

Bluetti AC200P

Next up we have the AC200P. Unlike the EB3A and EB70S, the AC200P comes with a much, much larger battery. It boasts a 2,000Wh battery and according to Bluetti, it can also output up to 2,000W of power with the use of the AC Pure Sine Wave inverter.

Its battery will also last longer in terms of its lifespan because it uses a LiFePO4 battery that the company claims is good for over 3,500 cycles. This means that assuming you recharge it fully on a daily basis, it would take about 10 years before its battery hits 80% capacity, which is crazy.

There are also 17 different ports for charging and powering your accessories and appliances, so if you plan to use this on the road, you should be able to charge just about everything and anything. There is also support for 700W solar charging, and it can even hit 1,100W charging when combined with solar and AC charging.

Bluetti AC300 & B300

Now, if you’re less interested in portable power and want something that can actually act as a backup power source for your home in the event of a power outage, then the AC300 and B300 battery could be it.

This is a modular power station system which means that you can add up to four B300 batteries for a combined total of 12,288Wh of power, allowing you to use this system for an extended period of time until the power comes back on.

It can also put out up to 3,000W of power, and it also supports 240V Split Phase Bonding, along with 24/7 UPS. This means that in the event that there is a power outage, your devices connected to the power station will continue to operate without any interruptions, perfect for computer systems or certain medical equipment.

Bluetti AC500 & B300S

The AC500 + B300S combo is basically similar to the AC300 and B300 system, except that it supports larger battery capacities and power. In terms of battery, it will support up to 18,432Wh battery life which will last you much longer than the AC300 and B300 combo. It can even put out considerably more power up to 5,000W, so if you have devices or equipment that will require more power, this could be a better solution.

Similar to the AC300 and B300 combo, the AC500 and B300S combo supports 240V/10KW Split Phase Bonding, and there are a multitude of options for recharging. This includes solar and direct power, along with the use of lead-acid batteries, using your car’s battery, or a generator system if you have one. It also has support for 16 outlets so you should be able to connect all types of devices and gadgets, as long as the total power of all the devices is below 5000w.

Bluetti EP500

Last but not least is the EP500. Unlike the other power stations mentioned above, the EP500 is truly a portable system. This is thanks to the built-in wheels which allows users to easily move it from room to room, or location to location without having to carry it in their hand.

There is a built-in 5,100Wh LiFePO4 battery that boasts over 3,500 charge cycles, and can put out up to 2,000W of power with its Pure Sine Wave inverter. There is also both in-grind and flexible 24/7 UPS, a built-in touchscreen display that lets you control and access some of the features, making it perfect for off-grid energy storage. It also supports solar charging so if you don’t need to use it right now, you can use the sun’s energy to juice it back up and keep it in storage until you need it again.

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