Google is bringing its AI to the Play Store


When it comes to recommending apps on the Play Store, developers have to rely on traditional marketing tools like ads or word of mouth, but moving forwards, developers will soon be getting a bit of AI help.

Google has announced that they will be taking its AI efforts and applying it to the Play Store. What this means is that in the future, developers will have new tools to help them build and optimize their apps, as well as to help grow their audience and tailor experiences according to their users’ preferences.

For example, there will be a new Generative-AI tool that will help developers draft store listing copies based on things like the types of users they might want their app to appeal to. There will also be machine translation features so that users who speak different languages can understand what the app is intended for. This will help developers save time where they might otherwise need to manually create apps in different languages.

There will also be a new Generative-AI feature called User Review Summaries that will help pull user comments on an app that might help other users better understand what makes this app so special.

Google will also be introducing features like price experiments. This allows developers to run price experiments for in-app purchases directly within the Play Console, giving them an idea of how much to price their in-app purchases to reach the most number of users. Some of these features should be live so if you are a developer, they might be worth checking out.

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