Tablet sales are way down right now


Tablets have a lot of uses. They can used as POS devices where many restaurants and cafes use them when customers make payments. They can also be used as devices at restaurants to help place orders. They’re also useful in the field where users might need to make notes, or to help students with their school work, or just general entertainment.

But it seems that lately, the sales of tablets aren’t looking that good. This is according to the latest data from the International Data Corporation (IDC) who have revealed that tablet shipments in Q1 2023 amounted to 30.7 million units. While this sounds like a lot of tablets have been shipped/sold, it pales in comparison to the numbers back in Q1 2021 and Q1 2022 where it was at 39.9 million and 38 million units respectively.

It also appears that the top 5 tablet makers, which includes Apple, Samsung, Huawei, Lenovo, and Amazon, have all experienced negative year-over-year growth, with Amazon taking the biggest hit at -62%. Even Apple’s iPads, which are probably some of the most popular tablets in the market, saw a dip of -10.2%.

It is unclear why we’re seeing such a huge dip in numbers. It is possible that during the pandemic, more people were buying tablets to keep themselves entertained while they worked or studied from home, and now that the world is opening up again, there is less need for such devices.

Alternatively, it could be that consumer trends are shifting and maybe people see tablets are no longer being as necessary as they used to be, but what do you think?

Source: International Data Corporation

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