DEAL: Anker’s 39% discount on its USB-C hub makes it a steal!


While a lot of modern day laptops come with USB-C hubs, there are still plenty of legacy accessories and peripherals we use on a daily basis, like keyboards, mice, microphones, headphones, external drives, and so on that still connect via USB-A.

This means that you’ll still need to purchase accessories like USB-A to USB-C converters, or if you have multiple devices, a USB-C hub might be a better idea. In fact, right now Anker is discounting their USB-C hub where instead of $99.99, they have dropped the price by 39% to a much more affordable $61.29.

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This is a USB-C hub which offers support for multiple USB-A connections, and the best part is that it also boasts an Ethernet port if you want wired connectivity and your laptop does not have such a port, along with both DisplayPort and HDMI inputs so that you can connect multiple monitors to it. It’s a fantastic USB-C hub for its price so check it out if you’re looking to save yourself some money.

Anker USB C Hub, 565 11-in-1 Laptop Docking station, Dual Monitor Docking...
  • Massive Expansion: Turn one of your laptop’s USB-C ports into 11 with a 10 Gbps USB-C data port, a 10 Gbps USB-A data port,...
  • Move Files Faster: With a 10 Gbps USB-C port, a 10 Gbps USB-A port, dual 480 Mbps USB-A ports, and 104 MB/s microSD / SD card...

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