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Come Google I/O 2023 on the 10th of May, we expect that Google will be introducing a new Pixel smartphone in the form of the Pixel 7a. The handset is expected to be a slightly pared down version compared to the Pixel 7 from last year, but for those wondering how different it may be, you’re in luck.

This is because Roland Quandt of has published what appears to be leaked specs of the upcoming phone. Assuming these specs are legit, it seems that the Pixel 7a will be quite a huge improvement over its predecessor on the camera side of things.

The specs indicate that the Pixel 7a will feature a 64MP main camera, a 13MP ultrawide, and a 13MP front-facing shooter. This is versus the Pixel 6a which only had a 12MP main, a 12MP ultrawide, and an 8MP front camera. On the display side of things, the Pixel 7a will maintain the same 6.1-inch FHD+ display, but its refresh rate will be bumped from 60Hz to 90Hz.

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It will also feature support for wireless charging, and it will be using Google’s new Tensor G2 sensor, an upgrade over the Pixel 6a’s Tensor. There’s no word on pricing just yet, but we expect that Google will have more details to share at I/O 2023 next week, so check back with us then for more details.

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