Samsung will be supporting one of its cheapest phones for 4 years


When it comes to software support for Android phones, most companies usually offer anywhere between 2-3 years which is the standard practice. The good news is that if you’ve been eyeing the Samsung Galaxy A24, or if you’ve already gotten your hands on one, you might be interested to learn that the phone will be supported for four years.

This means that the phone, which was announced earlier this week, will now receive software support until 2027. This is kind of surprising, but in a good way. Some might think that Samsung would prioritize support for its more expensive flagship phones, but as it stands, the company’s Galaxy A-series is actually one of their best-sellers.

The Galaxy A24 is the latest handset in the line and it is also one of their most affordable handsets, which means that if you plan on keeping your phone around for an extended period of time, the added software support should be most welcome. Samsung has also promised that the handset will be getting five years of security updates in addition to Android updates.

At the moment, the Galaxy A24 has not been announced for the US market, but we imagine that it should in the near future. After all, its predecessor, the Galaxy A23, was released in the US so we don’t see why the Galaxy A24 wouldn’t either.

Source: Android Authority

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