Best protective cases for the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5


As we use our devices daily, they tend to show signs of wear and tear over the months and years that we use them. This is completely normal, but at the same time, we know that there are some of you out there (myself included) that love to keep their devices as pristine as possible.

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Given how much we pay for these devices, it’s only natural for some to feel that they need to protect their “investment”. Devices like the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 are no exception to this. While Samsung has opted to use titanium in the build of the Galaxy Watch 5, this does not mean it is completely impervious to damage.

It can get scratched and dinged and its display could also get scratched or worse, crack, if it were to hit something sharp and hard. If you’re looking to prevent that from happening, investing in a case/screen protector for one of the best Wear OS smartwatches might be a good idea, and here are some that you can check out.

Spigen Liquid Air Armor
Spigen is no stranger when it comes to accessories to protect our gadgets, so its Liquid Air Armor is a great and simple protective case that will play nicely with the Watch 5. It has a matte finish and raised bezels, and the use of flexible TPU material makes it easy to put it on and off the watch.
Spigen Rugged Armor Pro
In addition to the Liquid Air Armor, the Rugged Armor Pro from Spigen is another protective case worth checking out. It offers a less sleek design, but if you love that rugged G-Shock look then this could be it. The raised edges will also help to protect the watch’s display should you drop it or accidentally hit it against an object like a wall.
SUPCASE Unicorn Beetle Pro
The Samsung Watch 5 has a pretty sleek and classy design, but if you wanted something that looks more rugged while offering a protective design, then SUPCASE’s Unicorn Beetle Pro might be it. It features bumpers around the sides for added protection against knocks and drops, and has the added bonus of making your smartwatch look like a G-Shock.
Tensea for Samsung Galaxy Watch 5
If you’re worried about protecting the case and screen of your smartwatch, then Tensea’s protective case could be a good option. It comes with a case and a waterproof screen protector so you can wear your Galaxy Watch 5 out and not have to worry about its case or screen getting nicked or damaged. There is also a built-in seal ring that prevents water from getting it, so you don’t have to remove it as often to clean it.
Caseology Vault
For those who aren’t a fan of the rugged look, Caseology’s Vault is one of the cleanest protective casings for the Galaxy Watch 5 that we’ve come across. It looks simple but it has raised edges to protect the body and display. It also features a sandstone texture and can be easily installed without having to remove the straps of your smartwatch.

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