The Galaxy Watch 5 can now Track Your Cycle via Skin Temperature


Samsung recently announced that it will be adding skin temperature measurement to its existing calendar-based Cycle Tracking feature, which will be available for Galaxy Watch 5 and Watch 5 Pro users.

The new feature will  automatically keep an eye on basal body temperature (BBT), which serves as a means of tracking menstrual periods. Samsung says that the new tracking feature will be able to read measurements immediately after waking up, reducing extra effort on the user’s behalf.

The Cycle Tracking feature will allow the Galaxy Watch5 series to use infrared technology for more accurate readings. This will also help users track ovulation and better predict when their next period will begin.

To activate the feature, users must select Cycle Tracking in the Samsung Health app, add their most recent cycle information into the calendar, and then turn on Predict period with skin temp. Readings which are stored from the prior month are displayed as a graph which will show users their period as well as their predicted ovulation and fertile window. Samsung adds that all collected data is encrypted and stored securely on a user’s device.

Samsung says that the feature will roll out gradually in the Samsung Health app for users in Korea, the U.S. and over 32 European countries. The update is expected sometime in Q2 2023.

Source: Samsung

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