Google Pixel Fold hands-on video leaked


In the next couple of weeks, Google will be hosting I/O and it is largely expected that the event is where Google will officially take the wraps off its Pixel Fold smartphone, a device that has been rumored about for years that will finally come to fruition.

Not much is known about the handset for now, save for its form factor where it is expected to adopt a similar design to other foldable phones out there like the Samsung Galaxy Z series. Now thanks to a leaked video shared by Kuba Wojciechowski, we have a better idea on how the Pixel Fold will operate.

The video doesn’t really come with any surprises since like we said, the phone will operate similarly to other foldables out there. What’s more interesting is its design. Devices like the Samsung Galaxy Z series have opted for a narrower design which creates a thinner outer display, but from what we can tell with the Pixel Fold, it looks larger and the outer display resembles a more traditional smartphone.

This is ideal for users who aren’t a fan of the Galaxy Z Fold’s narrower display and want something that looks a bit more “normal”. Other details that have been previously leaked have suggested that its asking price could start at $1,799, similar to that of other foldables. Either way, we should have more details in the coming weeks, so check back with us then for updates!

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