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Save $140 on Eufy’s LiDAR-powered RoboVac L35


For a lot of smart home setups, robot vacuums are a great addition thanks to connectivity with Wifi and mobile devices. As such, Anker’s Eufy brand has a wide range of robot vacuums on offer, like the Eufy RoboVac L35. A hybrid vacuum, it comes with a ton of nice features to make your home cleaning sessions a lot easier.

The RoboVac L35 comes with LiDAR navigation that lets it move around your home, strong 3,200 Pa suction power with four levels of suction, a mop function thanks to a 200ml water tank, voice control with either Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant, and multi-floor mapping that covers different rooms and zones indoors.

The vacuum typically sells for $400, but with the current $140 discount, you can pick up the Eufy RoboVav L35 for $259.99, making it an incredible steal!

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