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As much as some of you would loathe to admit, we really have to tip our hats to Apple for helping kick off the true wireless earbuds revolution. While wireless headphones and earphones aren’t new, Apple’s decision to ditch the 3.5mm headphone jack most certainly helped boost the demand for such devices.

Then with the launch of the AirPods, which initially felt gimmicky, it turned out to be one of Apple’s best-selling products and accessories, which in turn spurred the market into following suit. These days, pretty much every audio manufacturer has put out a pair of true wireless earbuds of their own, with some audiophile companies hopping onto the bandwagon.

With there being so many options to choose from, it can feel overwhelming, but if you’re in the market for a pair of wireless earbuds, Campfire Audio’s Orbit might be worth taking a look at, especially if you want a pair that looks unique, sounds great, and has pretty awesome battery life.


Right off the bat, it is clear that Campfire Audio was going for something a little different in terms of design of the Orbit. Most companies like Apple and Samsung have opted for sleek-looking earbuds that look simple and unassuming. It’s not a bad thing and it’s by no means a criticism, but they can look a bit too simple/boring for some.

With the Orbit, Campfire Audio has gone with a more unique design that features sharp angular lines, not just in the earbuds themselves, but also its accompanying case. Also, we’re not sure if this was done on purpose, but with a brand name like Campfire Audio, we can’t help but feel that the company might have chosen the tan and green colors on purpose to give off a woody/nature-esque look, which we can really appreciate.

The earbuds themselves feature stainless steel spouts where the silicone tips go, and the case and earbuds are also made out of a dual tone ABS body with a matte finish, making feel nice and smooth to the touch.

Sound quality

While design is obviously important, the most important feature of any audio device would be its sound quality. With the Orbit, Campfire Audio has given it a set of 10mm dynamic drivers along with a liquid crystal polymer diaphragm.

The earbuds are capable of supporting a frequency range of 5Hz up to 20kHz in terms of frequency response, and will also support Bluetooth 5.2 with Bluetooth LE support, as well as codecs such as SBC, AAC, and aptX.

Reviews of the earbuds have found that the Orbit is capable of producing some very beautiful tones. The use of the 10mm drivers are also said to be capable of producing a powerful low-end, so for those who love their bass-heavy songs or want to watch movies with these, it should not be a problem.

This isn’t to say that those who prefer brighter or cleaner sounds will miss out on it with the Orbit. The earbuds are said to also be capable of delivering clear mid-range and treble as well as delivering an open soundstage, so while they might be in-ear in design, the open soundstage could mimic the effect you might get from a pair of open-back over-ear headphones.

There will also be an accompanying app that will allow users to tweak the EQ settings to find something that they enjoy.

Fit and comfort

As with many audio companies that make and sell wireless earbuds, Campfire Orbit has included a bunch of silicone ear tips that will fit a variety of ear sizes, so you should be able to find one that fits your ear just nicely.

The company has also included two different colors – black and beige, which honestly wasn’t necessary, but in terms of customization we can appreciate it as it allows users to give their earbuds a bit more personality in terms of its looks.

The Orbit also has an IPX5 rating when it comes to water-resistance, so while it might not be good for a dip in the pool, if you plan to use it while working out you can without worrying about a bit of sweat damaging the earbuds.

Battery life

The problem with wireless headphones and earbuds in general is that they rely on battery. In the case of the Orbit, Campfire Audio claims that the earbuds are good for about 8.5 hours on a full charge.

As expected, the case will also be capable of charging the earbuds and will be able to provide up to a total of 30 hours listening time. It supports charging via USB-C or wireless charging, so there are a couple of different charging options for you to choose from, whichever is the most convenient for you.

At 8.5 hours, it’s actually pretty decent. For the most part, 8.5 hours should be more than sufficient if you’re traveling somewhere, whether it be by bus, car, or plane, and the total 30 hours of battery life should be enough even on longer trips, so you should be able to get a ton of use out of them before the battery goes flat.


At an asking price of $249 for the Orbit, these earbuds aren’t exactly what we would call cheap. But with the excellent reviews regarding its sound quality, plus its unique design and long-lasting battery, it might be worth your consideration, especially if you’re looking for something a little less mainstream. More details on the Orbit and how to purchase it can be found on Campfire Audio’s website.

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