Verizon Launches New “Innovation Lab” in San Francisco


Verizon has recently announced that it will be making big improvements to its operations for subscribers in the San Francisco area, which are part of a multi-year redesign of the company’s network architecture.

This coincides with the company’s move to open the Verizon Innovation Lab, a facility designed to accommodate customers and allow them to test integrated spaces, as well as an active environment for development and testing. The Innovation Lab includes commercial and private 5G networks, NSA and IMS cores, multiple RF shielded rooms and even a full private MEC portfolio for developers.

Verizon adds that the facility measures 27,000 square feet, making it an ideal space for all the tech onboard. This Innovation Lab isn’t the first of its kind though, as the company also previously opened Innovation Labs located in Los Angeles and Boston. With this new development, Verizon aims to build on existing technologies including md and high-band spectrums, fiber upgrades, as well as M-MIMO (Massive Multi-in, multi-out) antenna configurations and called carrier aggregation, which are designed to improve data speeds for Verizon users.

According to Verizon, the initiative to further develop its operations in San Francisco are brought about by the city’s standing as one of the top tech hubs internationally, with 80% of its population being covered by 5G connectivity. In relation to this, the company stresses that there’s an active need to continuously improve 5G capabilities to be able to serve a growing network of users and devices which rely on IoT technologies, mobile communications, and even augmented reality solutions.

For San Francisco in particular, Verizon operates an extensive DAS system in Chase Center which covers the venue’s seating areas, court, below ground parking, locker rooms, offices & outdoor retail area, to name a few. The company has also deployed 20 mmWave nodes to cover bowl seats with 5G Ultra Wideband connectivity. Verizon does plan to expand DAS into other tunnels and stations in the near future.

A while back, Verizon was named as the NFL’s official private network partner for coach-to-coach communications, which is part of a five-year agreement with the National Football League (NFL). This deal is aimed at delivering a Managed Private Wireless Solution to each of the 30 NFL stadiums in the US. Additionally, this venture also falls under Verizon’s Business Connected Venue approach, working on 5G investment in more than 75 large public venues in the United States.

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