Heads up! LEGO Bricktales is Headed to Mobile Platforms


There’s been no shortage of LEGO games in the past decade, with a ton of licensed LEGO games available on multiple consoles and platforms. With that said though, the Danish toy company has also invested in developing its own titles that rely less on popular IP, and more of the joys of brick-building.

As such, the console title LEGO Bricktales is soon making its way to mobile devices, with a launch date scheduled for April 27. The game will be released for both Android and iOS, and will be priced at around $4.99, a much lower cost than its console counterpart.

Unlike most other LEGO games such as its Star Wars, DC, and Marvel spin-offs, LEGO Bricktales gives players a more build-focused playing experience, with mechanics aimed to give a sense of hands-on set construction, building on (pun intended) the main appeal of LEGO in its raw, physical form.

Currently, the game is available on several other major platforms, including PlayStation 4 and 5, Microsoft’s Xbox systems, Nintendo Switch, and Steam. With that said, the availability on mobile devices combined with the lower price should give interested gamers easier access to the title.

Source: Pocket Tactics

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