Google’s Pixel Fold could sport a better display than the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5


Samsung is one of the leaders in foldable phones and foldable displays right now, so it’s not surprising that for some foldable handsets, they might source their displays from Samsung. This appears to be the case with Google’s upcoming Pixel Fold, but that’s not the interesting bit.

According to a report from The Elec, the publication claims that Google will be sourcing the display for the Pixel Fold from Samsung, but apparently the display used will feature the M13 display material which is new, and what’s more interesting is how this display material might not make it to the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5.

The Fold 4 uses the M12 material and the report claims that Samsung could be continuing to use it for the Fold 5, which means that the Pixel Fold could sport newer, and possibly better, display tech than the Fold 5. It is unclear how the M13 will differ from the M12 and if it will be a significant difference in quality and performance, but chances are on the surface most people might not be able to tell.

The Pixel Fold is expected to be launched in the later half of the year, but hopefully Google will have something to share at its I/O 2023 event which will be taking place next month.

Source: 9to5Google

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