YouTube Premium Members can now Access New Features


YouTube recently announced that it would be bringing new features to its paid tier service, which will give subscribers a handful of cool new perks, as well as incentives for curious folks to take the plunge.

Starting today, Premium members can get better control of what they’re watching with expended queuing for mobile devices including both smartphones and tablets, so users have more control over how they want to watch their content. Premium members can now also host Google Meet sessions where all participants can watch YouTube videos together. YouTube adds that this feature will be brought to iOS via FaceTime and SharePlay in the coming weeks.

Consistent watching between devices is now possible, as the service will allow subscribers to continue watching content wherever they previously left off, even while switching between different devices. Users can also access a “Smart Downloads” feature, which automatically adds recommended videos straight to a user’s library for offline viewing.

Finally, YouTube Premium will be launching an enhanced bitrate version of 1080p HD video quality primarily for iOS devices, with an experimental version for web too. YouTube says that this enhanced quality setting will “look extra crisp and clear,” although at the moment there’s no mention of when this feature will make its way to Android devices.

Source: YouTube

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