ACEMAGICIAN AMR5 mini gaming PC packs a ton of power


If you want to be able to play modern day games and enjoy it at the best possible level with high quality graphics, smooth framerates, and at a higher resolution, you’re going to need a gaming PC.

Now, gaming PCs usually have this bad rep of being hulking, RGB machines that to some, might look very garish and tacky with all the lights, spinning fans, tubes of liquid cooling running through the chassis, and basically taking up a ton of valuable desk space.

If you’re someone who wants something a bit more discreet, then you’re in luck because the ACEMAGICIAN AMR5 might actually be right up your alley, and here’s why.

Tiny design

Unlike most gaming PCs you might find in the market today, the ACEMAGICIAN AMR5 is tiny. It is about the size of a bookshelf speaker which means that it could easily fit on your desk and it won’t take up too much space.

This is key if you’re living in a small apartment, or if you’re a student and you want to game in your college dorm and don’t have the luxury of having a big enough desk to fit a “regular” gaming PC.

Now, seeing as how this is marketed as a gaming PC, it does come with several RGB lights built into it. There is a ring RGB light around the power button at the top, as well as the side panels. We have to say that the RGB lights in the ACEMAGICIAN AMR5 are a bit more tasteful because they aren’t quite as obvious, so you do get the gamer effect without it being too over the top.

The side panels of the ACEMAGICIAN AMR5 are also attached magnetically. This will allow users to quickly access components like the RAM and SSD in case they need to make some upgrades of their own. There are also a bunch of ports on the front which include audio in and out, two USB-A ports, and a USB-C port.

On the back, there are additional ports like two USB-A ports, a Display Port, HDMI 2.0, Gigabit Ethernet, and a port for DC power.

Deceptively powerful

One of the reasons why a lot of gaming PCs are so big is because having a larger chassis will allow gamers to build a PC with better cooling and also utilize larger GPUs which might be longer and utilize more fans, but this doesn’t mean that the ACEMAGICIAN AMR5 is subpar when it comes to performance.

Under the hood, the ACEMAGICIAN AMR5 is powered by an AMD Ryzen 5 5600U CPU. It will also come with 16GB of RAM, which will be more than sufficient for most games and plenty for day-to-day tasks, and it will also pack a 512GB SSD. But like we said, the side panels of the PC can be easily removed and users can upgrade the RAM and storage themselves as the motherboard supports up to 64GB of RAM if you find that 16GB is insufficient for your needs.

The dual slot M.2 SSD will also allow users to add up to 4TB of total SSD storage if they need expanded storage for larger files and to keep more games on their local drive.

As for the graphics, it uses AMD Radeon graphics and according to the company, it will be more than sufficient to play games with very decent framerates. For example, you can play games like Fortnite at 60fps, Overwatch at 60fps, CS:GO at 60fps, DotA 2 at 80fps, League of Legends at 130fps, while playing at a Full HD resolution.

The ACEMAGICIAN AMR5 also uses an all-copper cooling fan and features three dedicated exhaust vents that will help your PC run cool under intense loads.

Adjustable power on the fly

One of the cool and unique features of the ACEMAGICIAN AMR5 is actually in the power button on the PC. Users can actually spin the knob to choose from different software modes. For example, there is a silent mode which reduces the power of the PC down to 10-15W and reduces the fan speed to 2,500RPM.

This means that if you don’t need that much power because you’re just doing work, you can adjust it so that the PC doesn’t draw too much juice and is relatively quiet. But if you need a bit more power, you can turn the knob to performance mode that boosts its power to 20-25W and also ramping up the fan speeds to 4,200RPM that will help keep the PC run cooler.

The ACEMAGICIAN AMR5 will be set to auto mode by default which draws 15-20W of power while its fans run at 3,000RPM. It’s actually a pretty cool feature and we like how the control has been placed on the outside which makes adjusting it on the fly a lot easier.

Pricing and availability

So, if you’re interested in getting your hands on the ACEMAGICIAN AMR5, it is priced at $519. This is actually a pretty decent price considering the performance you’re getting, plus it is also in a very small package which makes it easier to transport and also ideal for those who lack desk space.

ACEMAGICIAN is also running a promotion that will knock 15% off the price with the ace2023 code that you should use on checkout. For more details or to make your purchase, head on over to ACEMAGICIAN’s website.

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